Worth It After All - Su Hart  
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  1. The Singer
  2. United States of Mind
  3. Zombie Jamboree
  4. My Head is my Only House
  5. Power of Prayer
  6. Listen to Me
  7. Lament of the Fisherman's Wife
  8. TV Calypso
  9. Worth It After All
  10. British Policeman
  11. The Great Valerio
  12. The Singer (reprise)

"Newcastle born singer and painter Su Hart has been travelling around the world since she attended the Art school in Oxford. She was busking, collecting songs and painting. Together with her husband Martin Cradick she formed the world music band Baka Beyond and in 2007 she finally released a solo album with twelve of her all time favourite songs. Su sings and plays guitar and together with her husband Martin (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals) she gathered a bunch of brilliant musicians to record an extraordinary album.

The CD starts with "The Singer" and Hart's wonderful a Capella singing; later the Breton Baka Beyond fiddler Paddy Le Mercier and Glasgow Fiddler and harpist Fiona Fiddler join in to create a hypnotic performance. Two Baka members join in when Su sings the Lindisfarne song "United State of Mind". Singer Eleanor Churchlow and African kongoma player Ayodele Scott accompany Su on guitar and Martin on mandolin.

African rhythms are followed by the Caribbean groove of "Zombie Jamboree", Leon Hunt's terrific banjo playing and Stevie Holder on double bass. A romantic song by Captain Beefheart with Mercier on violin leads us back to Europe. Tim Edey on accordion and Ed Boyd on guitar create the mesmerizing sound of "Power of Prayer", a sad song about the Vietnam boat people by Ged Beasley.

Another Flook member, Brian Finnegan, plays the flute on the hauntingly beautiful Silly Wizard song "The Lament of the Fisherman's Wife". Reggae rhythms (Listen to me), Calypso music by The Mighty Terror (TV Calypso) and Hart's rhythmic title track, recorded live with some Baka friends to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s release complete the musical journey around the world.

The album is an outstanding collection of songs from all over the world and from different periods of time. Hart is a great singer and the musicians as well as the songs are all first class. It's a different approach to world music than that of the Afro Celt Sound System, but certainly not a less intoxicating sound."

Reviewer: Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup FolkWorld





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