The original Afro-Celtic danceband
inspired by the music of the rain forest

In a rain forest you are surrounded by life and nature which you hear all around. Sound becomes your primary means of navigation and your strongest sense.

The Baka are expert listeners and use their empathic link with nature to unite the spirit of the natural world with the spirit of human beings through rhythm, song and dance.

We saw the power of this music to create joy and harmony between people and decided to attempt to bring that spirit home in the music of Baka Beyond, mixing the rhythms and chants of the forest with the tunes and songs of our Celtic heritage.

The Baka can teach us so much in how to live in harmony with the world and with each other. This is expressed in their music. We believe in fair trade so In return for their gift of music, we compensate them fairly and also aim to help give them the means to chose the life they want to lead as free human beings in this changing world.

Life is tough as a hunter-gatherer and the "developed" world encroaches on a daily basis. Whilst there are still Baka who lead a traditional lifestyle, it is getting harder for an ever growing number to do so. By giving them a platform to communicate, and by helping them with programs they decide themselves in health, education and awareness of their rights, we aim to help give them the choice to succeed in the modern world whilst maintaining their rights to live a traditional life with dignity.

You can hear their music at

What people have said about Baka Beyond:

"Keeping still is only an option for the dead, or those too mesmerised by the sheer joy of it all"   Metro

"a feast for the eyes and heart as well as the ears and feet"   Miami Herald

Baka Beyond gives back to the cultures that inspire their music through the charity Global Music Exchange.

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